Pet Peeve #726

Alright, so this is a weird thing to get me blogging again, but it really annoys me.

In English, the -ing suffix is reserved for verbs. 

Simple as that, really. If you want to create a verb out of a noun, you can add -ing. Appropriately it’s called verbing.

It really jars when I see a noun with the -ing suffix (words like “thing” don’t count, obviously).

This means that there is a no such thing as a refactoring.

“To refactor” is the verb. Therefore, “refactoring’ is something you do. You can do a single refactor. You cannot do a single refactoring. You can do multiple refactors. You cannot do multiple refactorings.

Also… Advice is like sheep – it’s the same whether singular or plural. In AOP, you do not apply ‘advices’, you apply ‘advice’ even if you happen to be applying many of them.



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